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1. The mention of ‘Hour’ appears in the Qur’an just 24 times, and that of ‘Month’ appears 12 times, while that of ‘day’ appears Qur’an 365 times.

2. The mention of ‘man’ appears in the Qur’an 24 times, exactly as much as the mention of ‘woman’ which is also 24 times.

3. The mention of ‘Aql’ which means intellect appears 49 times in the Quran, as much as the mention of ‘Noor’ which means light which is 49 times.

4. ‘People’ are mentioned 368 times, as much as ‘messengers’ which is again 368 times. This means that whenever there were people, there was a messenger and a message from Allah to guide them.

5. ‘Tongue’ is mentioned in the Quran 29 times, just as ‘talking’ is also mentioned 29 times.

6. ‘Astray goers’ appear 17 times, just as ‘Dead persons’ appear 17 times, because going astray is the real death.

7. ‘Difficulty’ appears 114 times, just as ‘Patience’ which appears 114 times.

8. ‘Life’ appears 145 times, while ‘Death’ appears 145 times too.

9. ‘Dunia’ which means this life appears 115 times, and ‘Aakhirah’ which means the Hereafter appears 115 times.

10. ‘Sins’ is mentioned 180 times, just as ‘Good deeds’ which too appear 180 times.

11. ‘Angels’ are mentioned 88 times, while ‘devils’ are mentioned 88 times too.

12. ‘Adam’ is named 25 times and ‘Easa’ (Jesus) is named 25 times. The Holy Qur’an says that “The example of Easa with Allah is like the example of Adam” (The Holy Qur’an, 3:59).

13. ‘Land’ is mentioned 12 times whereas ‘Sea’ is mentioned 41 times in the Quran, which is the exact ratio of land and sea on the globe which was discovered just recently after the advancement of science and space photography of the globe.

So, masih ragu kah kita terhadap kitab suci Al-Quran? NO! ini adalah bukti bahwa Al-Quran is a miracle. Subhanallah… 😀


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